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This special section profiles the Sons of the Tumbleweed with biographical and stock photos for use by publicists and graphic artists.

Biographical information (same contents) is available in:

Stock photos are (click link below image to show a full size version):

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

JPG - Click here for image for full size view, save to disk using your browser's techniques.

For the Adobe EPS version (download) - click here.


PDF files are available containing the images shown on this page:

Title only (Photo 1 - 8x10)
Title with Labels (Photo 2 - 8x10)
No text (Photo 3 - 8x10)

Print Quality Promo with individuals named on the photo (Photo 2 above). Two versions available; both with crop marks:

RGB - JPEG - Same image as clicking on the thumbnail for Photo 2.


Each of the photos above is a link to the 8x10" size image with crop marks.

Left-click to open the image in a new browser window or right-click and "Save target/image as" according your browser's usage.



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